Welcome to Cheng-Chih (Richard) Hsu’s Lab!


Cheng-Chih Hsu’s research group is a multidisciplinary lab and welcoming motivated and enthusiastic students (including undergrads and grad students!) and scientists to join us. Background in chemistry, biology, and other physical sciences or engineering are encouraged but not mandatory.

We are also welcoming visiting scholars (local and international) with your independent projects to our lab!

Please contact Dr. Hsu directly for more details.
Email: ccrhsu@ntu.edu.tw
Tel: +886-2-33663844 (office)
Tel: +886-2-33661681 (lab)
Address: B476, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University (國立台灣大學化學系館 B476 室)
Dr. Hsu’s Current CV

Introduction to CCH Lab (from “YSF X WORLD")

Introduction to CCH Lab (from Future Tech Exhibition)

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